Corneau Goldsmithing Jewelry Gallery

Custom Designed Fine Jewelry & Art

Corneau Goldsmithing Jewelry Gallery is filled with one-of-a-kind, hand fabricated, custom designed jewelry. Custom designed engagement rings, wedding bands, anniversary rings all made just for you. We also have a collection of gemstones available that can be the perfect addition to your custom designed piece.


Michael Corneau

Owner and Lead Designer of Corneau Goldsmithing Jewelry Gallery

Gallery owner, Michael Corneau, is a master-trained goldsmith and designer. He creates by hand from start to finish a custom piece of jewelry using his long experience, skill and training in designing and creating jewelry. You the client are the inspiration for his work. After a consultation with you, Michael will take you on a unique one-on-one journey of collaboration that draws on your personal experiences. He will weave your story into a work of art that is made with critical thought and attention that embodies and celebrates who you are. Inspired by your vision, style and taste, he starts with hand sketching a selection of designs for you, beginning the process of bringing your conceptual vision to reality. He works directly with you in every phase of the design process to ensure that when you receive the final piece, you are completely satisfied. He enjoys collaborating with you in an imaginative process to create something beautiful, meaningful and within your budget. After choosing and adjusting the design to your specifications, he embarks upon the delicate art of making it. Finally, he takes great joy in presenting you with a finished treasure.


Laurie Donovan

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Laurie has been designing and hand fabricating fine jewelry for over 35 years. Her jewelry is created from high carat gold and precious colored gemstones. She specializes in unique one of a kind pieces and a limited edition line as well. Her jewelry is all hand made and finished to enhance the beauty of the gold and gemstones. Different colors and textures of gold compliment the gems and the piece. Each piece is ergonomically designed, durably constructed, exquisitely finished, and made to be enjoyed and worn for a lifetime.


Michael Baksa


Michael began his goldsmith career at the age of 17 through a traditional apprenticeship to master goldsmith Bernard Kelly, from New York City. Michael learned all of the time-honored techniques of creating fine gold and gemstone jewelry, while also engaging with customers in the showroom. Here he realized that his art was a way to share his love for the Earth’s precious elements. He learned that his passion was a way to ignite the passion of others.

Each piece is designed and handmade by Michael Baksa, Designer Goldsmith. Always natural, often bold, Michael's work reflects his love of nature, and an all-in embrace of life. 

Monika Krol

During her studies at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Monika Krol fell in love with meticulously crafting little objects of desire while surrounded by the sounds of the studio. In the following years, Monika went on to work for two incredibly talented independent jewelers. It was through working for these women that she fell in love with materials, becoming a collector of beautiful and unusual gemstones and using luscious 18 karat yellow gold. 

Christopher Solbert


The artist Christopher Solbert has been creating jewelry since 1980 and has developed a distinctive style. Using his expertise in welding different alloys, certified commercial welder Solbert creates monumental metal sculptures, smaller interior sculptures and custom jewelry fashioned from silver, copper, bronze and brass. Solbert finds the challenge of moving from large to small scale works enables him to develop a graceful rhythm apparent in all of his works. He crafts precious metals for his jewelry and steel is the chosen material for his sculpture. The inspiration for his work is drawn from the ocean floor and the choreography of dances from all around the world. His jewelry is elegant and striking as the pavé diamonds,14k gold, and sterling silver play into his designs.

Kelley Andrews

The work of Charlestonian, Kelley Andrews, is a collection of modern, one-of-a-kind, hand fabricated jewelry that encompasses her passion for the Lowcountry. Inspired by the brilliant color of landscapes and the flowing lines of the ocean and marshes, she pushes the boundaries of jewelry design using a variety of gemstones and metals.